Increase Your Energy, Create More Time & Better Health, so You can Keep Your Hard-Earned Status, Make the Income You Want & Achieve Higher Level of Success Without Compromising Your Life

Are you a professional woman taking on the weight of the world?  You who put in endless hours of work for your company and deal daily with:
  • High Expectations
  • Looming Deadlines
  • Insurmountable Workloads
In the corporate world your success often relies on your ability to outlast, outwork and outdo everyone in your path.  Which means expecting more of your time, more of your effort, more of you.
You move faster and you work harder and you stay longer until you realize you hardly have any time for yourself or your loved ones anymore – not to mention a lunch break.
Too often, never-ending high-pressure anxiety mode is simply accepted as a way of life for professionals because we think that’s the only way to succeed. And so you push and push and push trying to meet never-ending supply of job obligations (on top of your obligations to family and friends) until you totally burn out physically, emotionally and mentally. Eventually, you wake up and notice you can't remember things anymore, you start making mistakes, the smallest things get on your nerves, and you start to lose it.  
  • Your health is deteriorating.
  • Your relationships are deteriorating.
  • Your sanity is deteriorating.

The problem these days is that we work so hard to achieve success and get what we want that oftentimes our health and personal life becomes the trade-off.

So... What's My Story?

The Cost of Success...

I should know because I’ve been working in the medical field for over 15 years. 
Being in the medical field, you rarely get any breaks.
You have to be ON all the time.
It’s one of the most stressful jobs that there is.
One tiny mistake, a momentary lapse of concentration and it could all be over…for you and for your patient.
The fear of making a mistake kept me on the edge.
The emotional aspects of seeing my patients suffer not only from cancer but also the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation took a toll on my life.

I had to lean on caffeine and energy drinks to get through the day and pop sleeping pills at night to get my mind to shut off.
I wasn’t just stressed. I was on my path to depression.  I marched on with sheer will power and the satisfaction of knowing that I was making a difference. A difference in the lives of my patients and putting a smile on their faces and their loved ones.
I ignored the stress, put it away in some inaccessible corner of my brain hoping it would all go away.

But it caught up. In a big way.
Eventually, I burned myself out to the point where I lost all my motivation, dreaded going to work and had frequent crying spells.
I decided to seek medical help and was shocked to discover that...
                        My cellular results were that of a 55 year old woman and I was just 39
Stress had aged me by 16 years!

I still remember the words of my Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Jocelyn: “You had been running on sheer fumes, caffeine and will-power, my dear, for a long time...”   
That’s when I decided to change it all and to completely change my life around.
I started researching about stress like a fanatic. Stalked books, talked to doctors, extracted every shred of information I could from the web and implemented everything that I learned.
Change didn’t happen overnight, but things started to come together.
Now, my life is great. I live a highly rewarding, interesting and truly stress free life, while creating my own dream job that allows me to take long guilt free vacations.