Why This Program? Why Now?
I designed this program for you because I see so many women struggling to cope with today’s demands to creating life of joy, wellbeing, and fulfillment.
Research shows that stress ages us, it sabotages our careers, and weight-loss efforts, it poisons our relationships, and… makes us really sick.  Our society is experiencing a widespread upsurge in depression; sleep disorders, memory problems, digestive issues and obesity, not to mention the rise of heart disease, stroke and cancer.
The fact is: stress is a major contributor to all of these illnesses, and many, many more. In Japan, there is even a term for it: karoshi – death from overwork. 
The reality is, stress kills.
Yes, you know running yourself into the ground is not the answer… but how do you deal with stress so it doesn’t affect you?
How do you overcome that never-ending fatigue?
How do you get that restful sleep that replenishes you for the day?
How do you eat healthier when you’re always on the go?
How do you find time for self-care when there is so much to do?
What do you do when your doctor tells you: “well, you just need to relax… here is a pill for depression.”
I know it all so well… because I’ve been through burnout myself
No one deserves to live like this…
Now I want for the whole world to know what stress does to us!
I want to bring real healing into the world, using a holistic approach, because everything we think and do matters.
I want to see people healthier, happier, being and doing what they were meant to be and do—living their true purpose.

          Results and Outcomes Are What You're Investing In... Here is exactly what you'll get in YOUR

From BURNED-OUT to BALANCED & BEYOND 6-months Program

   Here’s a sampling of the results you can expect when you show up powerfully, do the work required and invest yourself fully in our time together…

  • Increased Energy–reclaim your energy so you can spend more time with your family, friends or on projects and work you love.
  • More Time–quality time for you and your loved one’s; more time for your hobbies and creating the life you desire to have.
  • Better Health–calmer nerves, improved sleep, leaner figure, emotional stability, increased libido, looking and feeling younger, softer, more feminine, joyful you.
  • Deeper Connection–connection to people you love, your body, your spirit, your soul–to all that matters.
  • Increased Income–better clarity, creativity and focus, and of course, increased productivity while you experience joy, ease and lightness in what you’re doing. Reap financial rewards by having better ability to make choices and sound career/business decisions without the influence of stress hormones clouding your judgement.
  • Life Worth Savoring–embrace the richness of life–filled with unforgettable experiences, passion, beauty and adventure; start living life on your own terms.

                                            You can make them all a reality. I can show you how.


                         Who Am I and Why do I Care about Your Wellbeing?

My name is Kristina Simpson.  As a stress-free life expert and health and life coach for women, I've been guiding professional women and entrepreneurs to overcome the obstacles that keep them exhausted and stuck in a rut with no hope to get out.
What I've discovered in my fifteen plus years as a medical professional, certified professional coach, European lifestyle enthusiast, and world traveller is that there are three foundational pieces that need to be addressed in order to change things around in someone’s life: mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle.
My mission is to educate, inspire, and empower women like you so that you can make choices that move you towards better health and a more enjoyable lifestyle. I believe that the foundation of health care is education. You need to learn what's best for YOU. But knowledge is often not enough to inspire ACTION.
I’m here to help you create this in your own life, so you can also live with ease and grace. My job now is to show you the way and hold your hand on the road.

You might be asking: so what’s your story, Kristina? Why should I listen to you?”
After several years of stressful, taxing, and highly demanding medical jobs, I remember those mornings when I could hardly drag myself out of bed, crying out of desperation, dreading to go to work, feeling so exhausted and not knowing how to survive another day.
I had to rely on caffeine to get me through the day and sleeping pills to turn my brain off at night. Some days I was feeling like my brain was in a fog. I was making mistakes… yes, in medical field… and then beating myself up for that, causing even more stress.
As much as I loved working with and assisting my patients (treating cancer), I counted the days until my contract was over. The truth was, while trying to take care of the health and wellbeing of others, I ran my own health into the ground. Even a 5-week vacation in Europe with my family didn’t help.
Later I learned that I had serious adrenal fatigue and my hormones were so out of balance that I needed a serious change. I was shocked to find out: I was 39, and my cellular age results were as of a 55-year old woman!  Stress had aged my body by 16 years!
I still remember the words of my Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Jocelyn: “You had been running on sheer fumes, caffeine and will-power, my dear, for a long time...” 
And I thought I was healthy!

I have worked in medical field for over 15 years and didn't know how to heal and recover from years of ongoing stress and debilitating burnout. Because traditional medicine doesn't treat stress- there is no pill for that… I didn't know where to go, or who to ask for help. I didn’t know I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, as Western medicine doesn’t address it. I was desperate to find the solution…

I submerged myself for months in research desperate to find the natural ways to overcome burnout, and the things I discovered were incredible!
I learned that all the elements of our lives are interconnected; each part affects the others. Our mental state affects our physical being; our spiritual state affects our emotional wellbeing and so forth.
With the knowledge I uncovered on my quest, I was able to find natural solutions to overcoming fatigue, regain control over my overwhelm, discover powerful tools to cope with stress, and create a more balanced way of living.
Now I’m ready to share my discoveries and my experience with you, so you don’t have to struggle.


If you’re tired of feeling constantly exhausted, stressed out and overworked then the FROM BURNED-OUT, TO BALANCED & BEYOND program is for you!
I have created a system, my simple 7–step Stress-Free Life Formula so you can take one step at a time towards feeling and looking your best and living stress-free life. I’m here to guide you and support you on your way to your desired destination during our 6 months together. 
This program is designed to show you how YOU can be successful in your career and savor your life as well. 
It’s time to….

                        Re-evaluate, Re-Prioritize, and Re-Design Your Life, 

                              so You can be Healthy, Happy & Empowered!    
If YOU wish to create more energy, more ease, and finally enjoy your life more, I invite you to apply for this program.

                                  To Be Accepted Into the Program:
FIRST… please read this ENTIRE letter so you are clear as to HOW this transformatinal program will benefit you!
THEN… simply complete the Application and email it to me at
THEN… schedule a time for you and I to have a brief Pre-screening Interview via phone.

*** Sending in your application does NOT commit you to the program! ***
Once I receive your application, my assistant Melody will contact you to arrange a quick phone interview where you can ask me questions and we can make sure the program is a fit for both of us. You’ll also hear about the payment options you can choose from.
To finalize your acceptance into the program, you’ll simply need to complete a brief Payment Enrollment Form, which we’ll send you upon acceptance into the program. 
                       In This 6-Months Coaching/Mentoring Program,

                                       Your Will Learn & Implement...

              MODULE 1. Re-Evaluate: Your “S-Factor”


We’re acting the way we’re acting without even realizing that there is a better way to cope with whatever life throws at us.  Let's lay the groundwork for the next 6 months so you can get the most out of this program. In this module you will:
  • Gain clarity on what's working, and what's not working for you: learn what to do to stress less, have better relationships, how to be more successful and create a very satisfying life.
  • Identify your natural tendencies to reacting to stressful situations and assess your view of life via a scientifically designed “S-Factor” Assessment.
  • Discover: What it takes to create success without sacrificing your health.
  • Learn the secrets to stress-free mindset:  No more getting triggered!
  • The powerful 20-minute “S-Factor” Assessment + 1 Hour Debrief in your path to transforming your relationship with stress forever.

MODULE 2. Re-Prioritize: Renew

If you’re dragging yourself from bed each morning, disappointed that even sleep doesn’t seem to restore your energy or beating yourself up because you’re just too tired to spend time with people you love–don’t despair–things are about to change!
Suffering from exhaustion, foggy mind, and feeling sleep deprived are all symptoms of adrenal fatigue. It’s time to discover what it takes to overcome your burnout:

  • What zaps your energy: find out the underlying cause of fatigue and it’s symptoms.
  • Recharge your tired body-discover highly effective remedies experts use to beat chronic stress and recover from adrenal fatigue naturally. Discover simple yet powerful activities that replenish and recharge you.
  • Re-focus your foggy brain and improve your mood.
  • Love your body– get connected with your feminine energy and feminine cycle. It’s about ease and flow vs. the force; soften your edges, so you can be happier in your relationships and your life.
  • Embody your wisdom–get in touch with your inner GPS–your intuition, divine guidance, and your faith.
                      MODULE 3. Re-Energize!

Having no energy can cost you not only the quality of life, and your relationships but also can sabotage your success and your income. If tired of being tired is your daily reality, you’re in luck!  This program is all about reclaiming your energy and your spark… naturally.
  • Food is thy medicine: find out what foods energize you, and what foods deplete you.
  • Discover natural energy boosters so you can live a healthy, vibrant life.
  • Re-invent your relationship with food–find out not only WHAT to eat but HOW to eat to keep your figure lean.
  • It's time for self-care–learn how to optimize your energy and feel good all the time so you stop living for the weekend or your next vacation.
  • Let’s create your ideal meal plan: nourishing, delicious, full of flavor, healthy recipes that allow you to nourish your body and your soul.

MODULE 4.  Kiss Your Stress Goodbye!

While your doctors are addressing your symptoms with supplements, we go to the root cause of your stress and work together on significantly reducing or eliminating it all together. 
  • Let's dig deep to the root cause of your stress and identify the sources of stress in your life.
  • Learn powerful techniques to stop stress reaction instantly.
  • Understand how to stop stress from making you fat and sad.
  • Create better relationships–connect in deeper and more authentic way, and learn how to make it a win-win situation for you and others.
  • Reduce or eliminate stress entirely–your energy will return, you’ll lose extra weight, your sex drive will get better, and overall you will feel like a new person! 
    MODULE 5. Re-Design: the European Way

Are you rushing like crazy and putting your life on hold? Too much stuffed into too little time leads to a loss of the ability to enjoy life. And not only that—we miss out on living life itself. 
A holistic approach is about looking into all areas of your life, the wholeness of who you are, your mind, your health, your relationships, your body, your soul, and your spirit…
Let’s design your desired lifestyle so you can live more fully, deliciously, and abundantly and with better health.
  • Manage your time better: let's set your priorities straight.
  • Discover your wellbeing: how to create a lifestyle that brings you joy and happiness.
  • Make your life easier and more enjoyable–be ready to implement 5 European lifestyle secrets. 
  • Be stress-free: learn how to slow down, be more balanced, more present, and make your life more simple.
  • Redesign your lifestyle: it’s time for play, self-care, fun, adventure, vacation, travel, experiences that enrich you, and make you feel alive.

MODULE 6. Step into Your Power

Let's review and celebrate your progress and accomplishments! 
  • Celebrate the new You–the healthier, happier, more energetic and powerful you.
  • Express yourself–your style, your talents and your uniqueness.
  • Rediscover your charm–feel confident, attractive and sexy all over again.
  • Reclaim your financial abundance with your newfound stamina, burning desire and clear vision.
  • Be empowered- step into your true potential, purpose, and passion.
  • Explore what living life on your own terms looks like.

Boost Your Health, Your Energy, and Your Happiness!

Don't take my word for it...
Success Stories:


"When we met, I told Kristina that I was extremely stressed out. Between my job, my business, and my personal life, I was constantly exhausted–I felt stuck in a rut with no hope of getting out.

During the process of my complete transformation, I started to feel myself change from powerless into powerful, from feeling guilt, fear, and self-doubt into feeling strong and confident. After doing Kristina’s powerful S-Factor series, I don’t get stressed out at work as much anymore–I've learned  a different way of handling stressful situations.
During the 6 month program with Kristina, I’ve learned to slow down and pace myself. Now I allow myself to really tune into my own needs and desires and  because of that my life became so much more enjoyable. Kristina knew how to help me to transform my life into a more powerful, yet serene and fulfilling existence.
Thank you, Kristina, for being here for me, helping me every step of the way and holding my hand when I needed. And thank you for being objective, and telling me: “Yes, you can do it!” when I didn’t want to (yes, like taking a vacation in Italy...), but needed to hear it.

I cannot even begin to express what a huge transformation Kristina’s clients will achieve in their business or career as well as their personal lives, when they set aside just a few short months to be supported by Kristina.

- See more at:

Jolanta Sierra

Miss Nutrition Coach

"Before I started working with Kristina, I was struggling with so much stress in my life. I was feeling so overwhelmed by my schedule and my to do list that I basically never had time for myself. No matter what I tried, I was running from one appointment to the next, feeling worn out and exhausted. I was so frustrated because I just couldn’t get out of this pattern of running myself into the ground. Naturally, that kind of lifestyle took a toll on me – I was feeling tired all the time, couldn’t sleep at night, I was constantly feeling anxious, sad, and was struggling with some health issues.

After working with Kristina, I have been able to find more balance and space in my schedule for self-care. Now I’m able to sleep fully at night and wake up feeling rested. I feel happier and more relaxed than I have been in a very long time. Not only do I feel more energetic and more excited about my day when I wake up in the morning but by making small yet powerful shifts, I have been able to create a life of balance and experience more joy and inner peace naturally."


Uma Maedke

  Be ready to take the most powerful actions that will move you from feeling depleted and hating your life towards healthy, sane, balanced, full of adventure, and meaningful life.  Get your life back!

Information is Often Not Enough

I've seen it hundreds of times in my practice. Intelligent, well-read individuals like you have lots of knowledge about what to do and why to do it, but the how somehow seems to elude you. Taking consistent steps towards health and putting the knowledge into action is what is so important yet so challenging on your own.
This program is NOT about adding more to your to-do list or putting you under more pressure.
I want to make it easier for you–to guide you and support you; so you can feel listened to and heard; inspired and equipped to go for the life you want.
Be ready not only to learn the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW, but also to do the transformative inner work and take the action to implement what you’ve learned. And of course–be ready to stay accountable.

Say YES to your stress-free life! 

 Be transformed. Be inspired. Step into your power!
      Remember, you were meant for a bigger life...

Are you ready to take your first step towards creating the life you truly want?  Are you in?
 Keep in mind that this is a coaching relationship that isn’t for everyone. So as you read on, check in with your intuition… pay attention to how you feel in your body… and listen to what your heart is telling you… This is your investment in YOU.
 You’ll know this program is for you if you are tired of feeling drained and exhausted… if you’re tired, feeling stuck–not living the life you are meant to live… and are ready to commit to your vision, overcome burnout, and live your life! 
                             Jump in!  And let’s do it together. Let’s get your health and your life back!

From Burned-out to Balanced 
            & Beyond...


Remember: “You're your most important capital” ~ Arianna Huffington
To life, lived better!

Kristina Simpson